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It’s day 7 of our countdown and we’re opening lucky number seven up with a tip from literary agent Sera Rivers:

Sera Rivers, agent at Martin Literary Management
“What I look for in a pitch is the main character, their age, their goal/want, the obstacle that gets in the way of that goal, and the stakes at risk. If relevant, I’d also like to know the setting. If the story is about a historically excluded identity, I’d like to hear the author’s connection to that identity.”
Sera Rivers is a senior literary manager at Martin Literary Management. She would love to represent more graphic stories in all genres of the children’s market, especially stories with a parallel imaginative or magical world to them (such as Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani)—not interested in high fantasy, or stories about royal families (no princes, princesses, etc.). For a more detailed list of what Sera is looking for, visit her MSWL page at
For graphic novel submissions, please include your query letter and the first ten pages of your script. Please attach any sample pages of art and character designs that you have or send a link to sample pages; please also send a link to your portfolio.  Please send your queries  via Query Manager: She’ll do her very best to reply to queries within thirty days.

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