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Agents and Editors, this is an optional page for you to add your submission details specific to this contest. Feel free to add a comment spelling out your sub guidelines for this event or feel free to just add a link to your sub guidelines. You are also free to paste the link to your sub guidelines in the replies to the pitches you are interested in and bypass this page if easier. Thank you.

Update: Unfortunately, the plug-in we’ve added to limit the character count for pitches also limits the comments in this section to 400 characters as well. Feel free to add a reply to your comment with any additional information you would like to add.

Note to authors/illustrators: Please don’t reply to agents/editors on this page. This is only for agents/editors to post their guidelines.

4 thoughts on “Submission Info

  1. Hi! I’m very excited to see your work. Please send your query (pitch/short bio/comp titles/etc.) and first 10 pages, as well as a link to sample art if you are an illustrator, to It would also help if you put #KidLitGN in the subject line. I look forward to reading!


  2. I am excited to see your work! I accept queries through QueryManager ( If your art samples are too big to attach as a file on QM, please add them as a Dropbox or Google Drive link. Please also reference #KidLitGN pitch event in the referral field.

    For more information about my wish list and submission guidelines, visit: I look forward to reading some amazing stories!


  3. Hi everyone, I’m excited to see your work. If I have requested your graphic novel, there’s no need to research anything. Please ignore all of my submission guidelines and just send whatever you have available. Please submit here: My form requires a word document attachment, however if you have images or large files you can simply submit a link in the body of the query form from a place like google drive, box, or dropbox. I am really excited to see what you are creating!
    Thank you!
    Steven Salpeter
    Literary Agent
    Curtis Brown, Ltd.


  4. Good luck to everyone in this event! I would love to see some more graphic novel projects as I have already sold a number of debut graphic novels in the six-figure+ book advance range.

    Submissions can be made here:

    To tell you all a little bit about our literary agency which represents over 1,000 authors and closes more major book deals than any agency worldwide:

    My bio is listed here:
    I look forward to hearing from you, thanks.
    All the best,


    Mark Gottlieb | Literary Agent | Trident Media Group |
    355 Lexington Avenue, Floor 12 | New York, NY 10017 | (212) 333-1506 |


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