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Website Pitch Rules and Info

KidLitGN hosts an annual pitch event designed to get GN creators’ projects in front of agents and editors. The pitch event is the first Wednesday in October and includes writers and illustrators of middle-grade and younger graphic novels (for YA, see our sister site:

This will be our only pitch event for a year. To keep informed of our next pitch event, please subscribe to our website, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook page for notifications.

The comments sections for the pitch sections will remain off until pitches open for pre-loading, and won’t be viewable until the start of the pitch event.

How to Load Your PitchOptional HashtagsFrequently Asked Questions

Event date:

The the pitches for 2023 will be viewable on October 4 at 8 a.m. EDT and will remain open for requests from agents and editors through 11:59 October 6.

You can begin adding your website pitches starting at 8 a.m. Oct. 1 until 11:59 October 3. We will have a small window on the first morning of the event to correct and load any pitches that had trouble pre-loading, but any entry after that time will be deleted.

Who can participate

Un-agented GN writers and author-illustrators

Please note the menu options: Middle Grade for middle grade graphic novel and hybrid pitches; Graphic PBs for comic-style picture books; and Early/Chapter GNs for early reader/chapter book graphic novels. Visit the section of the age category that corresponds with your pitch to find the details on how to post your pitches.


Un-agented illustrators

If you are not pitching a graphic novel project, go the the un-agented illustrator’s section for details on how to post.


Agented authors/author-illustrators

Use the Agented section to post your pitches based on age category (GPBs. Early GNs, or MG GNs) Agented illustrators, you may post in the Agented Illustrator section located under Illustration Station.


Portfolio only

The website event includes space for un-agented and agented GN creators and un-agented and agented illustrators  who are pitching their portfolio instead of a project.


Editors and Agents

Your page is under the “Information” tab and includes information on how to post your submission guidelines and on how to “favorite” a website pitch that you’re interested in.


For information on how to load your pitch:

How to Load Your Pitch