Un-Agented Graphic Picture Books

This page is for un-agented writers and author-illustrators pitching Graphic PBs (defined as comic-style picture books such as: Where’s Haloumi, Mr. Particular, and Toys in Space). Authors and Author-Illustrators, please use the comments section to add your pitch of no more than 600 characters, including any sub-hashtags (found here) you want to add.

Author-Illustrators, you may also add one attachment of your artwork for your project. The artwork can and should contain more than one illustration, but must fit in one file. Writers-only, you may upload an image with a bio if you choose. See the How to Pitch for details. The pitches won’t be visible until Oct. 5 at 8 a.m. EDT.

This page is closed to new pitches but is open to viewing and selecting by agents/editors/publishers. 

ONLY agents and editors should reply to pitches. If you are not an agent and editor and you reply to a pitch, your comment will be removed. We want to keep the pages as easy to navigate as possible, so please respect this rule.

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