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Un-Agented Graphic Picture Books

This page is for un-agented writers and author-illustrators¬†pitching Graphic PBs (defined as comic-style picture books such as: Where’s Haloumi, Mr. Particular, and Toys in Space). Authors and Author-Illustrators, please use the comments section to add your pitch of no more than 600 characters, including any sub-hashtags (found here) you want to add.

Author-Illustrators, you may also add one attachment of your artwork for your project. The artwork can and should contain more than one illustration, but must fit in one file. Writers-only, you may upload an image with a bio if you choose. See the How to Pitch¬†for details. The pitches won’t be visible until 8 a.m. EDT on the first day of the event (which is always the first Wednesday of October).

ONLY agents and editors should reply to pitches. If you are not an agent and editor and you reply to a pitch, your comment will be removed. We want to keep the pages as easy to navigate as possible, so please respect this rule.

NOTE: The Monday after the pitch event is done, we take down all the pitches. When you post your pitch, you should have the option to subscribe to replies. If you do so, you will be notified when someone posts a reply, but we do recommend checking back throughout the pitch event. If you would like help after the pitches go down, please reach out to us.

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