Agented Illustrators

This page is for agented Illustrators who are not pitching a project. Please include a 600 character or less bio and include a link to your portfolio and your agent’s name and pertinent info. You may also add one attachment of your artwork, which can and should contain more than one illustration, but must fit in one file no larger than 5MB. Anyone pitching in this section as an illustrator cannot pitch a project. If you pitch a project, you cannot pitch here as well. The comments won’t be visible until Oct. 5 at 8 a.m. EDT.
ONLY editors should reply to these pitches. Creators, if you reply to a pitch, your comment will be removed. We want to keep the pages as easy to navigate as possible, so please respect this rule.

This page is closed to new pitches but is open to viewing and selecting by agents/editors/publishers. 

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