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Who can join

Authors and/or illustrators (agented or un-agented) of middle grade and younger graphic novels are all welcome to participate

What to submit

You can pitch your manuscript, illustrations & comic pages (see rules for details). Only for middle grade or younger age-groups

Agents / Editors / Publishers

You are encouraged to join and review all the wonderful pitches!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happend to the Twitter pitch event?

Due to Twitter’s recent limits on posts per day, we weren’t certain a Twitter pitch would be viable and opted to migrate fully to our website to ensure that the pitch event could continue uninterrupted.

What time zone is this event schedule on?

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Use New York City time and you’ll be fine.

Where do I post my pitches?

We have different age categories for un-agented authors/illustrators. Go to the corresponding age category for your pitch and add it there. If you are agented, you have the “Agented Pitches” tab, with the age categories divided out there. Go to the tab, then page of the age category that corresponds with your pitch. Illustrators, go to “For Illustrators” and post your bio in the agented or un-agented pages accordingly. If you post your portfolio, you are posting your work as an illustrator and cannot also post a project. If you’d rather post a project, then please don’t also post in the illustration section.

An agent/editor/publisher commented on my pitch. Should I submit to them or contact them via Twitter?

Please follow their submission guidelines. Reaching out to them on Twitter lessens the chance they’ll want to be involved in our events in the future, and it looks like you haven’t paid attention to their submission guidelines.

Can I pitch more than one manuscript?

Yes, you can pitch a maximum of three manuscripts during this event.

If I'm an illustrator only, can I still participate?

Yes. You can post your bio and a link to your portfolio, along with an image, in the Illustration Station section under agented or un-agented illustrators. However, if you post in the Illustration Station section, you cannot post a project. If you post a project, you cannot post in Illustration Station.

If I already have an agent, can I still participate?

Yes! Please see the Agented Pitches tab on the homepage of our website and post your pitch in the age category of your project under that tab.

Do I need a completed manuscript?

If you are an author only, you’ll need a completed manuscript to participate in this event. If you are an author-illustrator, you’ll need sample chapters and sample art. If you are an illustrator only, you do not need a manuscript, but please see the illustration Station for guidelines.

What happens if my pitch receives a comment?

Go to the agent or editors submission page to see if they have posted submission guidelines for the KidLitGN website event. If they don’t have any guidelines listed, go to the agency or publisher’s website for guidelines. Research the agents or editors who commented on your pitch and decide if you want to submit to them. You are not obligated to submit to anyone who comments on your pitch.

Do I have to register for this event?

No, but you must post your pitches to the website no later than 11:59 Eastern Time on the day before the opening of the pitch event.

Why shouldn’t I comment on other KidLitGN pitches?

Comments are reserved for agents and editors to request work for pitches. Please, please follow this rule.

Can I submit my YA manuscript?

No, our focus is solely on MG and younger age categories. However, if you have a young adult graphic novel, you can submit through our sister site:

Can I join the event if I live outside of the U.S.A.?

Yes, so long as you are intending to publish in the US market as most of the agents and editors joining will be dealing with the US market.

I self/web-published a graphic novel. Can I pitch it for this event?

Yes, if the agents or editor’s guidelines allow for that, but please indicate that in your pitch.

Do I have to include subgenre and optional hashtags in my pitch?

No. Including additional hashtags makes it easier for industry professionals to search for material they are interested in, which makes it and easier to find you!