UPDATE: The Oct. 2021 pitch event is done. A big thank you to the many agents, editors, and GN creators who participated. Our next pitch even is Oct. 5, 2022. Stay tuned for more awesome news from KidLitGN by subscribing to our website.

The KidLitGN web pitch event is scheduled for October 6, 2021. Please post a 600-character (or less) pitch in the comments section of the corresponding age categories for your projects.

You can post as soon as October 2 at 8:00 a.m. EDT until October 5 11:59 EDT (Stick with New York time and you’ll be fine). October 6-9 are viewing days for agents and editors. Any pitches posted after the October 5 deadline will be deleted.

You may post up to three projects on the site.

Illustrators-only (who do not have a GN project to pitch) can post a bio and link to their portfolio in the Illustration Station, so please post only once.

Un-agented authors/illustrators, access the age categories for your pitch on the main page: Graphic PBs, Early/Chapter GN, or Middle Grade. Don’t exceed three total pitches anywhere on the site.

Author-illustrators may include one image with their pitches (your image can include multiple panels/illustrations but should still fit into one file). If you are pitching a GN project, you cannot post in the Illustration Station.

Authors-only may upload a bio file of 1MB or less (saved as a jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff or ico) in lieu of art to include with your pitch. Please, don’t repeat information and remember that your pitch should be your primary focus. You do not have to do this, but you may choose to upload something such as the following:

Agented authors/illustrators, you may use the Agented Pitches section to pitch your projects. Only three projects maximum. Author-illustrators may attach their artwork in one file of 1MB or less. Author-only pitches may upload a bio file of 1MB in lieu of art to include with their pitches.

Un-agented Illustrators (who do not have a GN project to pitch), you may use the Illustration Station section of the website to post a 600 character or less bio, including a link to your portfolio. Please attach artwork to your comment, but it must fit in one file and be 1MB or less. Your file can contain more than one illustration. If you post in this section as an illustrator, you cannot pitch a GN project anywhere else on the site.

Agented illustrators (who do not have a GN project to pitch), you have a page in the Illustration Station to post a 600-character or less bio, including a link to your portfolio. Please attach your artwork to your comment but it must fit in one file and be 1MB or less. Your file can contain more than one illustration. If you post in this section as an illustrator, you cannot pitch a GN project anywhere on the site.

Agents/Editors will reply to your pitch if they are interested. You can find the replies at the bottom right of your comment:

Click on the down arrow to see your replies:

DO NOT reply to anyone else’s pitch. Replies are ONLY for agents and editors to express interest in seeing the submission. If you break this rule, your comment will be deleted. If you get a reply from and agent or editor, check for their submission guidelines in our Submissions Info page. If you don’t find submission information there, visit their websites. You are not obligated to submit your work to an agent/editor who replies to your pitch. Please do your homework and make sure the agents is with a reputable house and will be a good fit for you.

For more rules and info, see here.

Rules to Remember:

  • Post pitches as comments under the appropriate age tabs for your project.
  • Label your pitches using the optional hashtags (See hashtags below.)
  • Your pitches must be for manuscripts written for middle grade and younger age groups. 
  • You can pitch a maximum of three graphic projects, except illustrators-only who are not pitching a project, but can pitch their bio, etc.
  • Author-illustrators can include one image with their pitch. 
  • Author-only pitches can include an image of their bio.
  • For co-creators; only one person on the team may pitch the project throughout the event.
  • DO NOT COMMENT on a pitch.
  • Do not reply to an agents comment in the submissions info page. Your comment will be deleted.
  • Illustrators, you can have as many images in your art but they cannot exceed 1MB in size and must fit in one file. If you need help compressing or preparing your file, please see U. of Wisconsin’s site here or Resize Pixel’s site here.
  • Unless you are using the Illustration Station to pitch as an illustrator-only, the images must pertain to the project you are pitching.

Helpful Tips:

  • Write a concise pitch. You only have 600 characters to pitch (including spaces). Remember to leave room for optional hashtags you may want to include. 
  • Get your pitch critiqued. 
  • Know sub genre hashtags (see hashtags below).
  • Illustrators, make your one-file attachment count. Don’t crowd the page with so many images that they lose visibility, but also try to include some sequential art that best represents you and your project.
  • Research the agents or editors who like your pitches. Some agents have listed their guidelines under the Submission Guidelines section of our website. If submission info is not on our site, pay attention to all submission guidelines on the agency’s or publisher’s website before querying.
  • Only submit to reputable agents/editors/publishers. Do your research! 
  • Read all rules and FAQs before the event.


Sub-genres: (Optional)

#AC = Action

#AD = Adventure

#CF = Christian Fiction

#CON = Contemporary

#DS = Dystopian

#FA = Fantasy

#FTA = Fairy Tale Retelling

#H = Horror

#HA = Humor

#HF = Historical Fiction

#HN = Historical Non fiction

#HY = Hybrid/Illustrated Novel (For example: Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

#MR = Magical Realism

#M = Mystery

#Mem = Memoir

#MA = Mainstream

#LF = Literary Fiction

#NF = Non-fiction

#PA = Post Apocalyptic

#PN = Paranormal

#STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

#SP = Steam Punk

#SF = Science Fiction

#SH = Superhero

#S = Suspense

#T = Thriller

#TT = Time Travel

#UF = Urban Fantasy

Additional Hashtags: (Optional)

#OWN = Own Voices – Use only if you share a marginalized identity with your characters.

#BVM = Black Voices Matter – Use only if you identify as African American and/or Black.

#BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color

#LGBT = LGBTQIA content

#DIS = Disability content

#ND = Neurodiversity content

#IMM = Immigrant content

#IRMC = Interracial/Multicultural content

We have allowed more room for bio information should you like to be more specific. You are also welcome to use any hashtag not listed here that better reflects how you want to represent yourself.

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