#KidLitGN is a pitch event for un-agented writers and illustrators of middle grade and younger graphic novels and graphic books for children (sorry no YA or adult at this time), designed to get their manuscripts in front of agents and editors looking for their next kid lit graphic novel. 

Rules to Remember:

  • Tweet pitches using the hashtag #KidLitGN and the age category. (See hashtags below.)
  • Only tweet pitches for manuscripts written for middle grade and younger age groups.
  • You can pitch a maximum of three graphic novel projects.
  • You can pitch each manuscript up to three times during the event.
  • Space tweets throughout the day, allowing three hours between pitches for the same project.
  • Illustrators can include one art file with their pitch, but that file can have multiple illustrations.
  • For co-creators; only one person on the team may pitch the project throughout the event.
  • DO NOT LIKE a pitch. If you want to show support leave a comment. Please save the hearts for agents, editors and publishers.
  • You can retweet or quote tweet, but please don’t use the KidLitGN hashtag in quote tweets. Even better, if you want to show support, leave a comment. Please note that this only applies to the Twitter pitch and not the web event.
  • Do not tag an agent, editor, or publisher in your pitch.
  • You can add the link to your website pitch as a reply to your corresponding Twitter pitch as long as you don’t use the KidLitGN hashtag in that reply.

Helpful Tips:

  • Write a concise pitch. You only have 280 characters to pitch. Remember to leave room for your age categories and any sub-genre or optional hashtags you may want to include.
  • Get your pitch critiqued.
  • Consider staggering when you pitch your stories. For example, pitch one at 8, one at 9, one at 10 and then three hours after each one.
  • Know your age category and subgenre hashtags (see age category hashtags below).
  • Write a slightly different pitch each time you pitch. It demonstrates you can write well, and Twitter may not allow you to post another tweet with the same wording.
  • For time management, consider using TweetDeck or Hootsuite to manage tweets.
  • Research the agents or editors who like your tweet. Pay attention to all submission guidelines on the agency’s or publisher’s website before querying.
  • Only submit to reputable agents/editors/publishers. Unfortunately, we cannot control who views the event on Twitter or who chooses to engage. And even though we specify that only publishing professionals should “like” a pitch, you may get “liked” by someone outside of the industry entirely or by a vanity press. Do your research!
  • Read all rules and FAQs before the event.


Our main hashtag #KidLitGN is required to participate in the Twitter pitch, but not in the website pitch.


Age Categories: (Required for the Twitter pitch but not the website pitch. The sub categories below, however, can be used for both.)

#GPB = Graphic/Comics-style Picture Book

#ER = Easy Reader

#MG = Middle Grade

Sub-genres: (Optional)

#AC = Action 

#AD = Adventure

#CF = Christian Fiction

#CON = Contemporary

#DS = Dystopian

#FA = Fantasy

#FTA = Fairy Tale Retelling

#H = Horror

#HA = Humor

#HF = Historical Fiction

#HN = Historical Non fiction

#HY = Hybrid/Illustrated Novel (For example: Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

#MR = Magical Realism

#M = Mystery

#MEM = Memoir

#MA = Mainstream

#LF = Literary Fiction

#NF = Non-fiction

#PA = Post Apocalyptic

#PN = Paranormal

#STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

#SP = Steam Punk

#SF = Science Fiction

#SH = Superhero

#S = Suspense

#T = Thriller

#TT = Time Travel

#UF = Urban Fantasy

Additional Hashtags: (Optional)

#OWN = Own Voices – Use only if you share a marginalized identity with your characters.

#BVM = Black Voices Matter – Use only if you identify as African American and/or Black.

#BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color

#LGBT = LGBTQIA content

#DIS = Disability content

#ND = Neurodiversity content

#IMM = Immigrant content

#IRMC = Interracial/Multicultural content

#MH = Mental Health content

Feel free to include any marginalized identities in your pitch if you don’t identify with any of the hashtags provided.