Twitter Pitch – Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter Pitch Rules

What time zone is this event schedule on?

Eastern. Plan your tweets on New York City time and you’ll be fine.

An agent/editor/publisher "liked" my pitch. Should I submit to them or contact them via Twitter?

Please follow their submission guidelines. Reaching out to them on Twitter lessens the chance they’ll want to be involved in our events in the future, and it looks like you haven’t paid attention to their submission guidelines.

Can I pitch more than one manuscript?

Yes, you can pitch three manuscripts during the event, but each one cannot be pitched more than three times.

If I’m an illustrator only, can I participate?

Only if you are part of a GN author and illustrator team. You’ll need a book project to pitch in order to participate in this event. However, we do have a spot for illustrators to pitch on our website pitch event. See here.

Do I need a completed manuscript?

If you are an author only, you’ll need a completed manuscript to participate in this event. If you are an author-illustrator, you’ll need sample chapters and sample art. Once an agent or editor requests your submission, please follow their guidelines on how much to send.

What happens if my tweet gets liked?

Go to the agent or editors twitter page to see if they have a tweeted submission information for the #KidLitGN pitch event. If they don’t have any guidelines listed, go to the agency or publisher’s website for guidelines. Research the agents or editors who liked your tweet and decide if you want to submit to them. You are not obligated to submit to anyone or everyone who likes your pitch.

Do I have to register for this event?

No. Tweet your pitch using the hashtag #KidLitGN during the date and hours of the event.

Why shouldn’t I "heart" other #KidLitGN pitches?

Likes are reserved for agents and editors to request work for pitches. Please, please follow this rule. Show your appreciation of a pitch by retweeting it (as per the rules above), but don’t “like” it.

Can I submit my YA manuscript?

No, our focus is solely on MG and younger age categories.

Can I join the event if I live outside of the U.S.A.?

Yes, if the agents or editor’s guidelines allow for that, but please indicate that in your pitch.

Do I have to include subgenre and optional hashtags in my pitch?

No. The only hashtags you must include are #kidlitgn and the age category. Including additional hashtags makes it easier for industry professionals to search for material they are interested in, which makes it and easier to find you!

How many times can I pitch during #KidLitGN pitch?

You can pitch a total of nine times during the entire event. A maximum of three separate manuscripts can be pitched three times each during the day. Space pitches for the same manuscript three hours apart.

Can I retweet or quote tweets to show support for my friends?

Yes, you can without re-using the hashtag, but please also use the comments section to cheer on friends. Also, be advised that leaving a comment to support pitches only applies to the Twitter Pitch and not the web event. Only agents/editors can comment on website pitches.