Agents, Editors, & Publishers

Agents, editors, and publishers, thank you for your interest in our web event! We hope you’ll connect with at least some of the graphic novel projects pitched. All we ask in return is the following:

  • Please provide information on how participants should submit to you on the Submission Info page of this site, including how much to send, and how you want them to label their submission in the subject line.
  • Reply to the pitches you would like submitted to you. Each pitch is posted as a comment in the comments section, so all you need to do is reply to the pitch you are interested in seeing. We recommend that you reply with your name and/or a link to your sub guidelines.
  • If you want to find pitches for certain categories, we’ve encouraged the use of sub-hashtags to help filter any specifics you might be looking for. (See our hashtag page here:

Search Tips:

  • To search for a specific category, access the page of the age category, then press .Ctrl+F (Windows) or ⌘ Command+F (Mac).[1] This will open the “Find” box in almost any browser. You can also find this command in the Edit menu on Internet Explorer, or in the ☰ menu in Firefox and Chrome. Once you have the search bar open, type the hashtag you want to filter by and hit enter. For example, for MG non-fiction, go to the MG page, access the search engine as outlined above, and type #NF in the search option. All the #NF stories should appear. (If you need help, see WikiHow’s great tutorial).
  • For a mobile browser, the Find command is usually in the browser’s menu and may be called “Find in Page”.
  • On Safari for iOS, delete the address in the address bar and enter the hashtag you want to search for there. Select “On this page” from the search results that should pop up.
  • The rules for writers and illustrators to enter are here: For GN CREATORS. In short, author-illustrators are allowed to include one illustration with each pitch. Authors-only are required to have a submission-ready manuscript to send. Each person is allowed to pitch three separate works up to three times each throughout the course of the event.

If you need to contact us with questions or concerns, please feel free to message us on Twitter at @KidLitGN or email us at Also, if you would be willing to provide feedback as to how the pitch event would better serve you in the future, please email your recommendations to

Thank you for joining us!