KidLit GN Pitch Event

KidLitGN hosts a bi-annual pitch event for writers and illustrators of middle grade and younger graphic novels, designed to get their manuscripts in front of agents and editors (sorry, no YA or adult at this time).

We are trying something new this year. We are hosting a regular Twitter pitch event on May 5, 2021 for un-agented authors/author-illustrators (see here for details), and a corresponding website event, which will run May 4-May 6, 2021 at this site. (Please be kind with us as we try the web option for the first time. We expect bugs and issues to arise and may have to adjust accordingly. Thank you.)

The website event includes space for un-agented authors and author-illustrators, plus illustrators-only, and agented authors/author-illustrators. See here for details.

NOTE: The comments sections for the age categories will remain off until the pitch event is open.

Un-agented GN writers and author-illustrators: Please note the menu options: Middle Grade for middle grade graphic novel and hybrid pitches; Graphic PBs for comic-style picture books; and Early/Chapter GNs for early reader/chapter book graphic novels. Visit the section of the age category that corresponds with your pitch to find the details on how to post your pitches.

Un-agented Illustrators: if you are not pitching a project and only intend to pitch your work as an illustrator, you may use the “Illustration Station” page. Visit that page for details on how to post.

Agented authors/author-illustrators: Use the “Agented Pitches” page to post your pitches only if your agent isn’t planning to pitch your GN or has given you the green light to shop it around.

Editors and Agents: Your page is under the “Web Pitch Event” tab and includes information on how to post your submission guidelines and on how to “favorite” a website pitch that you are interested in.

Visit us on Facebook: KidLitGN

And Twitter:

Our next pitch event will be held in October 2021. Please subscribe to our website, Twitter and/or Facebook page for notifications.

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